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Terms & Conditions

  1. That The Pet Resort (hereinafter referred to as "Perth Pet Boarding" which expression will include the proprietors and their servants and agents) bears no responsibility for the loss, injury, sickness or death of an animal whilst in care at the facility. 

  2. Whilst we tend to each animal for exercise, food and water- we can't be responsible for animals who continuously empty their water (thus causing dehydration , chew on beds (thus causing intestinal blockages, chew on fencing (thus causing teeth and gum damage), animals who pace or are unable to  lay and rest (thus causing heat exhaustion, or other animals in our care who escape and attack other animals. Any incident caused by an animal is the owner's responsibility. We rely on owners to be informative regarding their pet's behaviour so we can provide the best possible care to all animals here. If your pet could cause harm to itself or others through its actions, please consult a vet or behaviourist prior to staying at Perth Pet Boarding for assistance and advice on how to reduce the likelihood of injury to your pet or others.

  3. That the Resort bears no responsibility for any collars, leads, containers or other articles left with the Resort

  4. The kennel can't be responsible in the incident should a snake bite occur. Perth Pet Boarding is situated near bushland and snakes do exist and have been sighted in surrounding properties. Please advise Perth Pet Boarding staff what action to take on your behalf In the event of a snake bite.

  5. I understand that Perth Pet Boarding has the right to refuse my entry if my animal presents sick or any mistreatment occurs towards Perth Pet Boarding owners and Staff from Dogs or Owners.

  6. That I shall pay the charges outlined below during the period of lodgement of pets with the Resort, and shall also pay the cost of any veterinary attention to the pets lodged with the Resort, and shall also pay the cost of any veterinary attention to the pets which is deemed necessary by the Resort during that period. All owners are responsible for injury or death caused by their dog/s actions towards another animal during its stay at the Resort.

  7. I understand that when a booking is made and reserved for my pet I am to pay for the entire reservation. If the reservation is changed with less than 5 days' notice prior to commencement of the reservation I am responsible for the cost of the entire reservation. The resort needs notice prior to commencement if we are to be able to re book the kennel to another client. In peak period we require 10 days' notice for cancellation. Fees apply for cancellation (online payment fee of 3% is kept by stripe online payments) and Perth Pet Boarding charge a $25 admin fee to process a refund and both cancel and rebook the kennel.

  8. That payments to the Perth Pet Boarding shall be made no later than the date of admittance of the pets.

  9. That if any time payment for fourteen (14) days accommodation is outstanding, and/or payment for veterinary attention is not made within fourteen (14) days, I authorise disposal of the pets in any manner determined by the Resort and hold the Resort harmless therefore.

  10. That no deposit paid to the Resort will be refunded - please give us notice to find a replacement so we can be fair to all.

  11. That, subject to alteration by the Perth Pet Boarding, these conditions shall apply each time pets are admitted to the care of the Resort.

  12. That I understand dog illness from mixing in close proximity with other dogs can be unavoidable and my pet is at risk or may result in my pet contracting a cold, virus or infection. Owners and Staff cannot be accountable due to some illness being undetected. E.g. Some dogs carry and pass on canine cough but show no symptoms themselves.

  13. That I take responsibility for my dogs' actions to both itself, surrounding property including other dogs. If your dog suffers from anxiety and chews fencing, toys or won't eat thus causing damage to itself and surrounds we cannot be held accountable for your dog's behavioural issues. Whilst we do our best to nurture any dogs suffering from anxiety, we can't control how they display this behaviour. Seeking Veterinary Advice prior to kennelling to assist with your pets' needs Is always advisable if you believe your pet suffers from Separation Anxiety/ General Anxiety.

  14. By signing the conditions of contract and leaving his/her animal with Perth Pet Boarding, the owner warrants accuracy of all information given about the animal. The owner acknowledges that the signing of the contract shall create a lien over the animal in favour of Perth Pet Boarding which lien shall continue throughout.

  15. I acknowledge and am fully aware of all risks and instances that can occur with regards to the health and safety of my pet and understand that taking to internet or social media platforms with negative or defamatory information regarding Perth Pet Boarding from myself or a third party regarding my personal situation will result in civil damages claim being made against myself by Perth Pet Boarding

  16. I acknowledge I have read and understood this and am entitled to a copy now or whenever required.

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